eNews for January 10, 2017

eNews for January 10, 2017


  • Wilson Gala - Night at the Museum
  • Chicken Sign up
  • Winter Show
  • MLK Day - School Holilday
  • Yearbook info

Wilson Gala: Night at the Museum - February 18, 2017

We could use your help! Volunteer to be part of our Gala team. The team regularly meets Monday mornings after drop off, but you could also volunteer to help with set up or be part of our team on location the day of the event. Email amandamcclanahan@gmail.com for more information.

Tickets are now available online.

Help with our School Chickens  

During the week we need volunteers to close up the chicken coop in the evenings (between 6-9pm) to protect our chickens from predators.  On the weekends we need volunteers to come in the mornings (6-8am) to let the chickens out of their coop and then again in the evening to close the coop. The chickens will also need to be fed once a day and have their water checked.

PLEASE SIGN UP USING THIS FORM.  If there are any eggs, they are yours to have! 

If you have any questions regarding the specifics of the chicken care, please email Nichole Campbell at nccampbell79@yahoo.com

Thank you for your willingness to help our school continue to be a wonderful community.

Winter Show - January 18, 2017

Ms. Irwin, Wilson's music teacher, needs volunteers to help with the Winter Show on January 18th at Lanier Middle School.
Upper Elementary students will perform in the Winter Music Show on January 18th, and Lower Elementary and Early Childhood students will perform the Spring Music Show on April 6.
Here are the areas that help is needed:
1. Quality Video of the Performance: Is there a parent that has the equipment and willing to donate his/her talent?
2. Lights: 5:30-6:35pm. One volunteer to run a simple light panel.
3. Sound: 5:30-6:35pm. One volunteer to run the music tracks: press play and stop.
4. Parent Coordinator: 4:30-end. Acting as Lead to work with volunteers and Mrs. Irwin.
5. Arrivals: 5:00-6:45pm. We need 5 volunteers to organize the students in the Lanier cafeteria, help each group get to the stage on time, and help with dismissal. 1 volunteer can be out front handing out programs, directing students and parents to where they should be, assisted by Middle School students.
6. Backstage Team: We need 3 volunteers to help students on and off the stage and escort finished classes to the front to watch the rest of the show. 5:30-6:35pm.
7. Clean up/pack up: 1-2 volunteers to help collect items left in the theatre and cafeteria, as well as help with packing up the sound equipment.

Sign-up sheet is here: Winter Show Volunteers

MLK Day - School Holiday - Monday January 16

In honor of MLK Day, we will have a school holiday on Monday January 16th.

Yearbook App

Balfour has an app! Download the app and add your photos.
Password: Wilson
Project number: 719829 

You can also can also send photos to wilsonmontessoriyearbook@gmail.com.  Let's see those photos of the Fall Festival, Wax Museum, Turkey Parade, Book Character Parade and more!